Dimi bang (디미방) is a Melbourne-based food research team of passionate Korean food lovers with the ultimate goal to globalize Korean food. I was asked to participate in this project and was in charge of creating the logo, illustrations, and editorial design of its cookbook, containing recipes and photographs put together by chef and photographer, Tae Hong Um.
Chef Taehong proposed an idea of the logo depicting the Korean traditional lantern, Cheongsachorong, with the meaning of ‘shining light on Korean food and culture.’ After a few sketches, the most suitable and balanced logo was chosen. I took inspiration from Cheongsachorong and some Korean traditional patterns for the logo.
​Red and blue are the main colors of the South Korean flag and Cheongsachorong. Korean hanji paper texture was applied to the main logoface to embody Chongsachorong.

Although Dimi bang’s cookbook features many traditional Korean dishes, we wanted it to be both modern while preserving the essence of the traditional Korea. An English sans serif font was used with a Korean serif font for disparity, and minimal layouts with some white space added on to the modern look.
These are some of the illustrations of ingredients and Korean dishes that were initially made for the Dimi bang cookbook.

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