Out of office, tucked in an alley of Mokdong, Seoul, is a cafe and studio owned by a young couple. Located on the second floor of an old Korean bean stew restaurant, it's hard to picture a gallery-like, mid-century-modern-themed cafe that smells of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods. 
For this project, I took charge of creating the cafe's brand identity. Understanding the importance of social media for a brand or business, I also helped manage the cafe's Instagram account by photographing, posting, uploading stories, and keeping the mood and tone consistent.
Out of office's logo depicts a fun hand illustration, waving and saying 'peace out, office,' and/or 'hello, welcome to the cafe’. The playful, hand-drawn style logo encapsulates the owners' laid-back, friendly personalities, and gives off the feeling that the cafe is somewhere you can come and hang out with your friends, family, and pets, away from the office.
The contemporary interior of the cafe with bright orange blinds, lamps, transparent chairs, large potted plants, and rustic white brick walls catch the eye upon entering. The colors used for the cafe's visual identity were chosen to accompany the cafe’s interior and furniture.

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